Tips to Select The Best Crank Bait Fishing Tackle Products

If you are one of the fishermen who desires to pursue one of the most challenging and satisfying fish out there, you must be aware of salmon fishing. For many wranglers, this fish species is the true pinnacle of their favorite pastime. Salmon is both beautiful and mysterious, thanks to its migratory lifestyle and the huge distance it travels. At the same time, salmon is also the staple of many fish dishes and a type of catch that has brought joy to so many fantastic meal times. Yet, if you might feel somewhat apprehensive about catching salmon you are not the only one. Do not forget to find a proper bait and tackle outlet to suit all your fishing needs.

The same things that make salmon so unique also make it a really difficult fish to catch without the right gear and the knowledge how to use it. But, on the other hand, having these two elements is something that can allow you to end your salmon fishing outings with great results, including some trophy specimen. The key factor in all of this is naturally the lures you use. Because of that, here is the list of the best fishing lures for salmon you can use in almost any circumstances or environments where this fish lives.

Silver Spoons

It is no secret that for generations, silver spoon lures are among the most successful varieties of tackle used to fish for salmon. These come with an oblong, concave oval that is made out of silver and reflective metal. When they are pulled through the water, they create a true light and vibration show that reflect not just light but also movement in the water. These mimic the way baitfish swim through the water and often run away from salmon. When the bigger fish notice this, they are instinctively compelled to pursue them and usually end up biting on the hook on the end of the silver spoon. This makes the spoon lures your absolute must-have for any salmon fishing.

Spinnerbait Lures

Essentially, spinnerbait or spinners for short employ a similar mechanism like the spoons. But, unlike the naturally-moving spoons, spinnerbait has a central element that rotates around its axis in the lure. This element is made out of metal blades and these reflect light and produce vibration. These are even more able to send off these vibrations and notify nearby salmon of their presence. They are very effective in the actual water when it comes to their type of movement, allowing you to cover a lot of distance with single casts.Crank Bait Fishing Tackle

Wobbling Plugs

A plug lure is basically an imitation of small baitfish. They come in the same shapes and colors, which is why salmon regularly identify them as actual fish. Wobbling plugs have an additional advantage of being made out of two pieces with a hinge that connects them. Both pieces come with several hooks and why it is pulled through the water, a wobbling plug looks just like a small fleeing fish, making salmon take notice almost immediately. Often, pulling a wobbling plug is a challenge at first, but once you get a hang of it you will see why it is so popular.

You might want to use one or more of these lures for salmon fishing, but experience shows that you will find plenty of success with them against this marvellous fish.


A Complete Overview Of Tactical Pen And Its Usefulness

Have you ever wondered why you are not allowed to carry weapons without a license or kill someone? If you do, the chances are that someone else might come and kill you as well! Sounds pretty obvious, right? Over time we have built the society and unanimously agreed to give up the job of protection to various institutions such as the police & judiciary. It becomes a little handy to carry a small weapon for self-defense such as a tactical pen, for which, you do not need a license practically (although you cannot carry it in airplanes). A self-defense class is recommended that teaches proper usage of these kinds of tools.

What Is A Tactical Pen And How Do You Use It?tactical pen

Tactical pen as the name suggests is designed like a pen and has one end pointed which is made of hard metal viz. Titanium, Steel or aircraft-grade Aluminum that can be put to different jobs. It does not matter how well the tactical pen is designed so far as you know how to use it. A person knowing martial arts may use it to increase the impact of his fistfight and so can a regular citizen use it to break window panes. No wonder “Pen is mightier than the sword.” It is important to understand the fact that a tactical pen is not as deadly a weapon as a gun rather it is just a small multi-tasking tool whose impact depends on how you use it. The two of the most common movements associated with self-defense is jabbing and stabbing. Jabbing involves holding the pen like a sword wherein the pen faces outwards towards the threat. However, the jab motion has lesser force than stab. A stab motion gives a harder blow and both the ends of the pen can be used effectively for stab.military tactical pen

A Tool For The Hunters

  • A lot of people like to go on adventure safaris (or even hunting for that matter), and if there is anything which should be at the top of your checklist, then it is undoubtedly this tool.
  • It ensures self-defense as you never know when creepy creatures might come in your way to give you a poisonous bite.
  • It also helps in trimming branches for a shooting lane and help you navigate through the woods quietly.
  • Nevertheless, this tool becomes a smart help in getting small branches and twigs out of your way.
  • While buying a best tactical pen, the desirable characteristics include less vibration and noise dampening component, lightweight and proper length of the pen.
  • Some of these pens also come with a small flashlight which is a big help in case you are in the woods in the late evening.

The bottom line is that a tactical pen is a must-have tool which can be used as an emergency weapon or as a help while hunting. A variety of these tools can be found online at a reasonable price.


The Best Trolling Motor for Ice Fishing

If you are going on a fishing trip to the icy regions, not only you should have the perfect rod, but your boat should be equipped with the right trolling motor as well. When you are going to difficult weather conditions, your trolling motor battery can die easily, which is why it is essential that you install the right system. Trolling motor comes with two variation saltwater trolling motor and fresh water trolling motor.Many trolling motor are available in the market but here are few things you should keep in mind:

Trolling motor with good thrust power.
Trolling motor works as a battery for your boat and you will require a good amount of thrust to move through the water. The power of the motor is the biggest factor you should consider before you purchase it. The ratings might be a lot similar in all kinds of motors out there, but you should buy one of a higher power when going for ice fishing.  Windy conditions might run out the battery more than in normal you always need a good quality of trolling battery you must check battery battery for your trolling motor on trolling battery guides website.electric trolling motor

Check the voltage of the trolling motor.
There are three power systems, 12V, 24V and 36V. A trolling motor of 12V is suitable for normal conditions, but trolling motor which needs 24V might stay longer. And there are systems which need three 12V batteries, that is, 36V and it would be able to work the longest without you needing to change the batteries. If you are planning a long trip, only 24 and 36 volts will allow the fisherman to catch fish for a longer period of time.

Buy a high quality.
Even if the logo says it is 36V, it might not be of a high quality and you could have a failed fishing experience. You shouldn’t worry about the cost then. They might be bit expensive but you should not be careless about it. Or you would end up stranded on the lake, trying to overheat the motor which just would not start running.

Bow or Transom
In a bow mount trolling motor, you need to install it on the front of the boat. So make sure that your boat has enough space for the installation and then, you should be able to move freely as well to catch good fish. Bow mount trolling motor does prove to be efficient because it pulls the boat through the waving waters. If it is transom trolling motor, you need to install it in the back of the boat. If your boat is smaller in size, transom motor will work best, although it would be doing the job of pushing the entire boat along the waves.

Hand or foot control?
These are the other options, you can look into. You would want your hands to be free when you are on a fishing trip. Although, you should figure out yourself if you would be more comfortable having foot controlled trolling motors or hand control on the trolling motor.

Battery Operated Devices


Where to Find the Best Salmon Fishing in Alaska

If you are planning to go for a fishing trip with friends or do it as a profession, Alaska is one of the best places to visit. Especially, if you want to catch Salmon fish, you should definitely plan a few days trip to Alaska. It is famous for its quality fish and there are several rivers where you can go for fishing. Here are a few details of the fishing sites you can visit in Alaska to catch good salmon fish.

Kenai River :- You might be unaware, but Kenai river has been known for its production of very large amount of fish and is in the records for largest sport-caught king salmon which weight 97lbs. Every year this river is always alaska fishingtipping the fishing scales for catching salmon of about 70 to 90 pounds. Since it takes a lot of strength to catch such a big amount of fish, the fishermen have told how it’s an experience which can never be forgotten. Although, you need to know well about fishing in order to catch that heavy fish. You could take a fishing guide along for an experience like that. There are two runs of fishing, one which happens in May to June where about 15000 fish have been caught in one year on an average. The other run begins in late July till August and that’s when many fishermen are willing to come because of scales tipping around 45000 fish.

Kasilof River :- Another river well known for catching salmon fish is Kasilof River which is about 20 minutes south of Kenai River. It is smaller than Kenai but fishermen visit the site in May and June to have a successful fishing trip. Large wild king salmon fish can be spotted during July and fishermen can catch it in their canoe and boats.  It has known to be a unique experience which you can enjoy to the fullest. In the recent years, more amount of hatchery fish has been known to be present.

When in Alaska, you will be able to catch a variety of salmon fish. Alaska sockeye, also known as red salmon is quite alaska king salmonfamous. These are silver torpedoes which weigh less and only about 8 to 12 pounds. They are generally caught by fishermen around the river banks as they are easily found near the shore. Silver Salmon is another kind of fish which enters into the Kenai River in August. They are tougher to catch because of their acrobatic fights.  It weighs around 10 to 12lbs, but some are bigger in size and hence can weigh up to 20lbs as well. If you like to fish with light tackle, you will be able to catch these fish.
Alaska not only is a good place for fishing but has gorgeous views which you can enjoy.For catch more salmon in Alaska must follow flannel fishermen methods and Don’t forget to take your camera along!