Have you ever wondered why you are not allowed to carry weapons without a license or kill someone? If you do, the chances are that someone else might come and kill you as well! Sounds pretty obvious, right? Over time we have built the society and unanimously agreed to give up the job of protection to various institutions such as the police & judiciary. It becomes a little handy to carry a small weapon for self-defense such as a tactical pen, for which, you do not need a license practically (although you cannot carry it in airplanes). A self-defense class is recommended that teaches proper usage of these kinds of tools.

What Is A Tactical Pen And How Do You Use It?tactical pen

Tactical pen as the name suggests is designed like a pen and has one end pointed which is made of hard metal viz. Titanium, Steel or aircraft-grade Aluminum that can be put to different jobs. It does not matter how well the tactical pen is designed so far as you know how to use it. A person knowing martial arts may use it to increase the impact of his fistfight and so can a regular citizen use it to break window panes. No wonder “Pen is mightier than the sword.” It is important to understand the fact that a tactical pen is not as deadly a weapon as a gun rather it is just a small multi-tasking tool whose impact depends on how you use it. The two of the most common movements associated with self-defense is jabbing and stabbing. Jabbing involves holding the pen like a sword wherein the pen faces outwards towards the threat. However, the jab motion has lesser force than stab. A stab motion gives a harder blow and both the ends of the pen can be used effectively for stab.military tactical pen

A Tool For The Hunters

  • A lot of people like to go on adventure safaris (or even hunting for that matter), and if there is anything which should be at the top of your checklist, then it is undoubtedly this tool.
  • It ensures self-defense as you never know when creepy creatures might come in your way to give you a poisonous bite.
  • It also helps in trimming branches for a shooting lane and help you navigate through the woods quietly.
  • Nevertheless, this tool becomes a smart help in getting small branches and twigs out of your way.
  • While buying a best tactical pen, the desirable characteristics include less vibration and noise dampening component, lightweight and proper length of the pen.
  • Some of these pens also come with a small flashlight which is a big help in case you are in the woods in the late evening.

The bottom line is that a tactical pen is a must-have tool which can be used as an emergency weapon or as a help while hunting. A variety of these tools can be found online at a reasonable price.

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