If you are one of the fishermen who desires to pursue one of the most challenging and satisfying fish out there, you must be aware of salmon fishing. For many wranglers, this fish species is the true pinnacle of their favorite pastime. Salmon is both beautiful and mysterious, thanks to its migratory lifestyle and the huge distance it travels. At the same time, salmon is also the staple of many fish dishes and a type of catch that has brought joy to so many fantastic meal times. Yet, if you might feel somewhat apprehensive about catching salmon you are not the only one. Do not forget to find a proper bait and tackle outlet to suit all your fishing needs.

The same things that make salmon so unique also make it a really difficult fish to catch without the right gear and the knowledge how to use it. But, on the other hand, having these two elements is something that can allow you to end your salmon fishing outings with great results, including some trophy specimen. The key factor in all of this is naturally the lures you use. Because of that, here is the list of the best fishing lures for salmon you can use in almost any circumstances or environments where this fish lives.

Silver Spoons

It is no secret that for generations, silver spoon lures are among the most successful varieties of tackle used to fish for salmon. These come with an oblong, concave oval that is made out of silver and reflective metal. When they are pulled through the water, they create a true light and vibration show that reflect not just light but also movement in the water. These mimic the way baitfish swim through the water and often run away from salmon. When the bigger fish notice this, they are instinctively compelled to pursue them and usually end up biting on the hook on the end of the silver spoon. This makes the spoon lures your absolute must-have for any salmon fishing.

Spinnerbait Lures

Essentially, spinnerbait or spinners for short employ a similar mechanism like the spoons. But, unlike the naturally-moving spoons, spinnerbait has a central element that rotates around its axis in the lure. This element is made out of metal blades and these reflect light and produce vibration. These are even more able to send off these vibrations and notify nearby salmon of their presence. They are very effective in the actual water when it comes to their type of movement, allowing you to cover a lot of distance with single casts.Crank Bait Fishing Tackle

Wobbling Plugs

A plug lure is basically an imitation of small baitfish. They come in the same shapes and colors, which is why salmon regularly identify them as actual fish. Wobbling plugs have an additional advantage of being made out of two pieces with a hinge that connects them. Both pieces come with several hooks and why it is pulled through the water, a wobbling plug looks just like a small fleeing fish, making salmon take notice almost immediately. Often, pulling a wobbling plug is a challenge at first, but once you get a hang of it you will see why it is so popular.

You might want to use one or more of these lures for salmon fishing, but experience shows that you will find plenty of success with them against this marvellous fish.

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