If you are going on a fishing trip to the icy regions, not only you should have the perfect rod, but your boat should be equipped with the right trolling motor as well. When you are going to difficult weather conditions, your trolling motor battery can die easily, which is why it is essential that you install the right system. Trolling motor comes with two variation saltwater trolling motor and fresh water trolling motor.Many trolling motor are available in the market but here are few things you should keep in mind:

Trolling motor with good thrust power.
Trolling motor works as a battery for your boat and you will require a good amount of thrust to move through the water. The power of the motor is the biggest factor you should consider before you purchase it. The ratings might be a lot similar in all kinds of motors out there, but you should buy one of a higher power when going for ice fishing.  Windy conditions might run out the battery more than in normal condition.so you always need a good quality of trolling battery you must check battery battery for your trolling motor on trolling battery guides website.electric trolling motor

Check the voltage of the trolling motor.
There are three power systems, 12V, 24V and 36V. A trolling motor of 12V is suitable for normal conditions, but trolling motor which needs 24V might stay longer. And there are systems which need three 12V batteries, that is, 36V and it would be able to work the longest without you needing to change the batteries. If you are planning a long trip, only 24 and 36 volts will allow the fisherman to catch fish for a longer period of time.

Buy a high quality.
Even if the logo says it is 36V, it might not be of a high quality and you could have a failed fishing experience. You shouldn’t worry about the cost then. They might be bit expensive but you should not be careless about it. Or you would end up stranded on the lake, trying to overheat the motor which just would not start running.

Bow or Transom
In a bow mount trolling motor, you need to install it on the front of the boat. So make sure that your boat has enough space for the installation and then, you should be able to move freely as well to catch good fish. Bow mount trolling motor does prove to be efficient because it pulls the boat through the waving waters. If it is transom trolling motor, you need to install it in the back of the boat. If your boat is smaller in size, transom motor will work best, although it would be doing the job of pushing the entire boat along the waves.

Hand or foot control?
These are the other options, you can look into. You would want your hands to be free when you are on a fishing trip. Although, you should figure out yourself if you would be more comfortable having foot controlled trolling motors or hand control on the trolling motor.

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