If you are planning to go for a fishing trip with friends or do it as a profession, Alaska is one of the best places to visit. Especially, if you want to catch Salmon fish, you should definitely plan a few days trip to Alaska. It is famous for its quality fish and there are several rivers where you can go for fishing. Here are a few details of the fishing sites you can visit in Alaska to catch good salmon fish.

Kenai River :- You might be unaware, but Kenai river has been known for its production of very large amount of fish and is in the records for largest sport-caught king salmon which weight 97lbs. Every year this river is always alaska fishingtipping the fishing scales for catching salmon of about 70 to 90 pounds. Since it takes a lot of strength to catch such a big amount of fish, the fishermen have told how it’s an experience which can never be forgotten. Although, you need to know well about fishing in order to catch that heavy fish. You could take a fishing guide along for an experience like that. There are two runs of fishing, one which happens in May to June where about 15000 fish have been caught in one year on an average. The other run begins in late July till August and that’s when many fishermen are willing to come because of scales tipping around 45000 fish.

Kasilof River :- Another river well known for catching salmon fish is Kasilof River which is about 20 minutes south of Kenai River. It is smaller than Kenai but fishermen visit the site in May and June to have a successful fishing trip. Large wild king salmon fish can be spotted during July and fishermen can catch it in their canoe and boats.  It has known to be a unique experience which you can enjoy to the fullest. In the recent years, more amount of hatchery fish has been known to be present.

When in Alaska, you will be able to catch a variety of salmon fish. Alaska sockeye, also known as red salmon is quite alaska king salmonfamous. These are silver torpedoes which weigh less and only about 8 to 12 pounds. They are generally caught by fishermen around the river banks as they are easily found near the shore. Silver Salmon is another kind of fish which enters into the Kenai River in August. They are tougher to catch because of their acrobatic fights.  It weighs around 10 to 12lbs, but some are bigger in size and hence can weigh up to 20lbs as well. If you like to fish with light tackle, you will be able to catch these fish.
Alaska not only is a good place for fishing but has gorgeous views which you can enjoy.For catch more salmon in Alaska must follow flannel fishermen methods and Don’t forget to take your camera along!

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